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80’s IT nostalgia

February 1, 2018

80’s IT nostalgia

The eighties might be having a renaissance right now (we’re looking at you, Stranger Things) but what’s often overlooked in the nostalgia for Madonna, Michael Jackson and John Hughes films is how seminal the decade was for technology.

Indeed, when you look at the list below you’ll see the seeds for many of the biggest changes that have shaped our world in the 21st century. Computers, mobility and entertainment are all there, getting ready to change our lives.

  1. The VCR began the march towards personalised media consumption.
  2. The Walkman made music personal and portable.
  3. Personal computers (Amiga, Apple, Atari, Commodore, IBM and more) entered homes and offices.
  4. Video game consoles opened new worlds of adventure to kids around the world.
  5. Mobile phones were big and bulky – but a revolution nonetheless.
  6. Camcorders brought movie-making to the masses.
  7. Cable TV put another nail in the coffin of free-to-air.
  8. Were answering machines the first practical example of home automation?
  9. The CD made digital media a reality.
  10. Fax machines made it practical to share documents between different locations.