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Plan you hacksafe infrastructure

Plan your Hack-Safe Infrastructure

March 16, 2018 Security

Here's what you need to know about security choices before you upgrade your IT, We'll cover vulnerabilities - including software, network, multi-factor authentication, and ground-up hardware protection including BIOS protection.

6 ways our personal and digital life have merged

6 Ways our Work and Personal Life Have Merged

March 16, 2018 Popular Security

This article will outline ways we mix work and personal life - focused around device use. Examples: Watching Netflix on your work laptop, responding to work emails on the bus home, doing your online grocery shop between meetings.

anatomy of a flexible worker

Anatomy of a Flexible Worker

March 16, 2018 Security

This post examines what a flexible worker looks like: Flexible hours; compressed work schedule (4 long days); job share; two days at home; part-time, etc. Then we look at how flexibility changes the tools we use for work - eg Dropbox or Basecamp; Messaging like Slack or Jostle; WORKPLACE for Facebook.