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In an increasingly online world of doing business, it’s human instinct to share information than to keep it secure. Reimagine safety and security to take your business further.

Plan you hacksafe infrastructure

Plan your Hack-Safe Infrastructure

March 16, 2018 Security

Here's what you need to know about security choices before you upgrade your IT, We'll cover vulnerabilities - including software, network, multi-factor authentication, and ground-up hardware protection including BIOS protection.

6 ways our personal and digital life have merged

6 Ways our Work and Personal Life Have Merged

March 16, 2018 Popular Security

This article will outline ways we mix work and personal life - focused around device use. Examples: Watching Netflix on your work laptop, responding to work emails on the bus home, doing your online grocery shop between meetings.

anatomy of a flexible worker

Anatomy of a Flexible Worker

March 16, 2018 Security

This post examines what a flexible worker looks like: Flexible hours; compressed work schedule (4 long days); job share; two days at home; part-time, etc. Then we look at how flexibility changes the tools we use for work - eg Dropbox or Basecamp; Messaging like Slack or Jostle; WORKPLACE for Facebook.

5 places you can get hacked

Five most common places to get hacked

March 16, 2018 Popular Security

This article shows different near-proximity hacks including visual, wifi hacking, "BlueBugging" and blue snarfing - with bluetooth. Examples could include - Coffee shop; Airport; Hotel Lobby; Train ; Internet Café